Cleaning Services

We are renowned for cleaning environments really well! Termipest’s cleaning services provide clean, safe and healthy environments for home owners, offices and many more form of premises & organizations. We are renowned for fast, personal, consistent cleaning services at competitive prices.  Our satisfied clients span the Corporate, Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Institutional, Educational, Medical sectors and many more eindustry players.

Our cleaning solutions are environmentally responsible as we support eco-friendliness while we provide our services.

We further specialize in the supply, installation and disposal of sanitary bins for all forms of organizations. The all-rounded nature of our cleaning services are centered on professionalism as we aim to leave a sparkle to your floors, carpets, office spaces and hard to reach areas such as cleaning at height (sky scrapper cleaning and high office buildings)

General Cleaning Services

We excel at giving factories and office complexes make-overs, meaning we excel at providing cleaning services to all of our clients.

We realize that a clean office and building makes for a safer and healthier working environment, hence,  our office cleaning contractors abide by a flexible cleaning and housekeeping approach that works around your staff without causing any disruption.

Our office cleaning service are tailored to each individual client and can include specialist cleaning such as computer and IT equipment cleaning as well as factory equipment.

Work At Height

We go to great heights inorder to provide our clients with compreshensive cleaning and fumigation services that are in hard to reach areas.

Specialized in climbing and working from great heights, our agents perform the necessary cleaning of equipment and buildings at great heights.

Whether the highest window or rooftop of your building- we strive to ensure our services are of the highest quality and with the best safety measures.

Recreational Facilities

Our clients count on our professional home cleaning services to thoroughly disinfect and clean their residential properties and environments. Our qualified staff take great care in combating unsightly buildup of unwanted dirt and materials to ensure a clean and shiny ho,me for you and your family.

Our cleaning services include removing rugs and excess hair from floors, mopping, scrubbing, waxing, vacuuming, removing cobwebs, dusting pictures, blinds, shelves and baseboards and any other area that would be deemed ‘dirty’. Our cleaning aids are eco-friendly & non-irritable.

Office Cleaning

Your office is the face of your company, and we know that – We always aim to keep your office looking its best by providing commercial cleaning services of the highest standards backed by our professional staff who understand your unique needs.

We use our experience and the latest industry procedures, in an effort to provide a clean, healthy work environment for you and/ or your employees . Termipest cares about ‘clean’ and it shows in our impeccable work, our people, our accountability to you, and our commitment to delivering on our word, every day.

Facilities Management

We undertands the need for restrooms to have full and functioning dispensers, odor control units and well cleaned restrooms. We use high quality cleaning products along with care and detail with which we clean.

No matter the size or construction of the restroom, we deliver cost-effective hygienic results for you. We strive in providing clean, fresh and healthy restroom and facilities environments.

Plant & Machinery Cleaning

We offer plant and machinery cleaning services for all types of plant, machinery and equipment  prior to servicing, resale or relocation.

Our agents also perform on-site cleaning services to clean new or used equipment to prevent cross contamination.

All our work meets global cleaning regulations and we understand the very high standards in cleaning and preparation which are required

Sanitary Bins & Air-Care

At Termipest Ltd, we assist our clients minimize any unwanted odors using odor control units in selected home and office spaces such as washroom facilities, corridors, changing rooms and storage areas.

We believe that this is essential to create a clean and positive image of your brand and business. Our sanitary bins and air care services give you a range of aerosol fragrance to choose from, choice of dispenser colors as well as installation, servicing and maintenance of these units.

We offer services you can depend upon – flexible servicing frequencies, with proof of service per visit.

Require cleaning services?

Send a request for cleaning services – Whether a big or small job, clean is our middle name!