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Fumigation Services

Termipest Limited recognizes and recommends fumigation as an effective means of targeted control of Stored Product Insects (SPIs) such as beetles, weevils, mites and moths which can infest a variety of stored products in particular foodstuffs such as grains, cereals, dried fruit, nuts, seeds as well as raw materials and finished products.

Our fumigants control the target pests effectively, have low toxicity to non-target organisms, do not react with fumigated products are noncorrosive, nonflammable, and nonexplosive, have low absorption on wood and other building materials and can be packaged for convenient storage, transport, and disposal.

The services we provide are suitable for your environment/ premises if it is severely infested by carpet beetles, flies, fleas, moths, silverfish, spiders or other insects.

Our fumigation solutions span the following areas:

  • Warehouse Fumigation
  • Tarpaulin Fumigation
  • Vehicle Fumigation (Railroad cars & logistics vehicles & cargo)
  • Chamber Fumigation
  • Grain Elevators (Silos) & Bulk Bin Fumigation
  • Bed Soil Fumigation


Our licensed experts are at hand to guide you through the process by employing pre-fumigation procedures such as safety precautions, occupant relocation procedures, prepping  the environment/ structure, safely and other post-project procedures or instructions.

All fumigants are highly toxic and require trained personnel for application. We are thoroughly familiar with application procedures, safety equipment, first-aid treatment, and disposal procedures.

Gas Fumigation

Our gas fumigation services utilizes fumigants in their gaseous states for our client’s pest control. Termipest’s g as fumigation services are performed within enclosed chambers or in enclosed spaces which have our gas-proof covering.

Also known as space fumigation, these services ensure toxic fumigants are not dispersed to external environments not to be fumigated.  Our gas fumigants control rodents, termites, insects, nematodes and weeds. Our precautionary procedures are undertaken always- ensuring the fumigation radius area is clear of humans and animals.

Gas fumigation in Kenya - Termipest Limited
Solid fumigation in Kenya - Termipest Limited

Solid Fumigation

Our solid fumigation services aim to eliminate pests and insects in all stages of development (eggs, larvae, pupae and adults). We typically use this services for pest control in flour, tea, doffer, cotton and grain.

These solid fumigants are typically easier to use, safer than gaseous fumigants and are less harmful to the environment. They penetrate many areas of a building not reached by sprays or dusts, even penetrating to the burrows of wood-infesting insects, as well as to the center of tightly packed commodities,
such as tobacco in hogsheads, bales, cases or grain in large silos or bulking bins.

Liquid Fumigation

Our liquid fumigation services employ liquid fumigants for mold, pests and insects. We carry this out by the use of sprayers, which disperse large quantities of liquid over your desired area to be fumigated.

Most liquid fumigants worldwide are toxic to humans, flammable and volatile. Our trained technicians take into consideration the types of pests to be controlled ( species, stage of development, and its habitat), temperature ( observing abnormally high or low temperatures) moisture ( Adequate air moisture), air movement & sealing and many more factors.

Liquid fumigation in Kenya - Termipest Limited

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