Contract-Based Pest Control

Our goal in every contract we engage with the clients is to provide  a customized plan for every contract duration we agree upon. Our contract based services in fumigation, cleaning, delivery of sanitary bins & air-care equipment or even supply of specialty chemicals and equipment shall consist:

  1. The development and implementation of routine
    pest management, cleaning or fumigation services;
  2. Routine and special meetings among personnel and
    organization/ company staff or home owners;
  3. Routine and specially scheduled training;
  4. Written reports describing program status at every required intervals and recommendations for the corrective actions that need to be implemented by company, organization, premises or the Contractor.


Termipest’s contract-based pest control, fumigation and supply of equipment & chemicals’ operators & personnel are certified and licensed. We offer these continual pest control services for the clients that are keen to adapt the best ‘out-of-hours ‘ scheduled visits and  leverage-able contract quotations.

We are fully prepared to work within your time constraints; our attention is to detail and the ability to work beyond your expectations, making us the first and only choice, call us right now.

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