Reptile Control

Termipest Limited advocates for you to to leave snake & reptile removal to professionals because sighting one snake in your environment may mean that there are more around your property! That’s dangerous!

Our expert pest control solutions specialize in the effective & humane removal and prevention of reptiles and snakes. Our inspection procedures and treatments are thorough, but more importantly, safe for your family or your commercial needs.

How we do it

  • With a site visit , we assess the reptile situation at your home or premises and  formulate an environmentally friendly plan to rid you of the reptiles.  
  • Upon our plan implementation, our pest control experts will clean the area and seal any property openings, so you finally can enjoy a reptile-free environment.

We use reptile humidity control products like reptile foggers, misters, hygrometers, and humidity gauges for reptile terrariums.

We further offer snake trapping ( whereby a herpetologist uses a long V- shaped stick at the end )  & snake rescue.

How we can help you?:

Most snakes don’t attack us unless they are provoked, but when they’re underneath or in your house or premises, they pose a danger – it doesn’t matter if they are venomous or not. You want them out. We help our clients rid of:

  • Snakes
  • Lizards
  • Frogs
  • Toads


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