Rodent Control & Baiting

Rodent baiting is essentially the process of employing a chemical poison formulated to be highly toxic to rats and mice. It is available in a wide variety of formulations.

Termipest’s professional pest control personnel bait near areas that are common access points for rodentssuch as entry doors, garage doors, below windows and areas where utilities enter the home among others.

Among the numerous baiting techniques at our disposal, we use snap traps, glue boards, bait boxes and rat bait containers in homes, gardens and parks.

We ensure that all our rodent control poison containers employed when baiting for rats outdoors or in other areas are lockable where the public, children or other animals have access. Safety & precaution first!

How we can help you?:

Your premises or organization should stay rodent free as should be. Our rodent control & baiting solutions enable you to rid:

  • Roof Rats
  • Squirrel Control
  • Mice
  • Native rodents
  • Birds


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