Pre & Post Construction Treatments

We provide professional pre & post construction treatments that cover both residential and commercial properties and the environments that surround them. Termipest encourages new & existing property developers & home owners for this particular pest control treatment as it ensures your structure, it’s surrounding radius or your newly constructed building will be pest free -for sure! This is especially true in bug, termite, habituating pests or even weed infested environments.

With you providing us with a request, our team will be at hand to provide free inspections from our technicians for termites, ants, bedbugs and other vermin , then supply you with a business quote when engaging our services.

Our construction treatments are majorly environmentally-friendly and are relatively safe for humans, pets and habitation environments.

Pre-Construction Pest Control

 The appropriate time to provide protection against termites is during the planning and construction phase of a structure. Our pre- construction approach is proactive and hence preventative for the structure owner. Termite damage which is often overlooked can prove quite costly considering many seldom apply for home owner insurance.

At Termipest Limited are equipped with the latest and environmentally – friendly solutions that curb termite damage.

Post-Construction Pest Control

This treatment is specifically designed for the external side of a structure’s masonry foundation. We further protect external areas that are susceptible to termite attacks e.g. wood work like doors and windows. Spot treatments consistent of spraying on infested areas in walls and ceilings are also carried out.


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